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RAD TV channel

complete signage project


RAD TV channel

March 2013
University Project

This project was entirely conceptual, but the brief was that by the end of it, the idea could be presented for implementation.


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The briefing was to create a television channel- formulate concept, market research, development and strategic position. The goal set by the group was to understand the volatility and predict market behavior with a possible new channel; and hypothetically operate as a medium for the audience to assume a preferred intervening position. Our goal was not to teach ‘what to think’ but ‘how to think’.

In the first stage we undertook a market study that focused on determining which group was likely to be explored. The research came up with a categorization of the channels and the selection of several natures of contents.



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The content that the channel planned to display would have a three points axis - entrepreneurship, education and culture. The channel intention was to change the current socio-economic context assuming an interventionist stance, not forgetting very specific moral and ethical principles. Therefore, the content of gender will catalyze proactivity, instill predisposition and embed education in the target audience - which is the ultimate goal of the channel. 



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From a straight and squarish shape, possibly classified as standard, we intended to break it. Transmitting through the logo what we wanted to convey with the channel itself: to break paradigms, ‘get out of the box’. Rupturing what is static and end the pre designed concepts. Hence, a dynamic logo, adaptable to various media used by the channel.

In order to apply the dynamism the logo suffered several cuts with different angles, so that it becomes non-repetitive, always giving possibility to be modified as the channel’s life moves forward, maintaining the language.

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The channel was designed to be displayed in three technology platforms – computer, ‘tablet’ and mobile phone. The language inherent to these media remains consistent and similar, but tailoring details and nuances on that specific media. The smaller format is easier to use and has synthetic information. The concept of 'language' includes color scheme, hierarchical structure, layout, fonts, etc.




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