alexandra bagao
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My Design Is

complete signage project

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My Design Is...

May 2013 
University Project
Work displayed in the “Aveiro Jovens Criadores 2013” exhibition.

The briefing of this project aimed for each individual to make their mark, giving for instance, the need for them to present themselves to a future employer. The briefing was open to any type of expression desired, we were able to use any material we wanted and do it freely.

My proposal was to compare myself to an army knife. As if I were a multifaceted tool that could bring value to anyone working with me.  I planned the tools, each of them being an analogy for my views about design, made the project drawings and built it from scratch. Afterwards I made a video with my presentation. Although, in real life, the idea would be to send the original army knife with my portfolio and curriculum inside the flash drive. The army knife is composed by a flash drive, a clip, a post and a match, each one with it’s own meaning and you can see it in the video. 


“Hello, my name is Alex and you can see me as a swiss army knife. Except, I am even more.
In the world we collect a lot of information, they come from everywhere in every form they can get. We have to store it in our memory. Therefore I am organized to be able to put all the data in the right place and use it wisely. When I think about design i think it causes an everlasting impression that you can’t erase.
I am what i communicate, so the process is meticulous accurate and genuine. It has to build bridges otherwise it’s pointless.I want my design to be iconic and revolutionary. Which with the right partnership can be possible. So I come to you, my desire is to be a great asset. Thank you.”