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Kevin Finn | TheSumOf & DESIGNerd

So where traditional business thinking is in the past and the present, designers are always looking ahead and that's something that we naturally do. When we are talking about businesses that need to go through transformation, those that need to change and to adapt, I believe—Design Thinking aside—designers are far more comfortable being uncomfortable, and businesses generally aren’t. So if you surround yourself with people who are more comfortable in a space that you aren’t, you feel reassured. With designers you feel can reassured and more relaxed while having to deal with these changes, and start to have safe conversations about possible ways forward.

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Mark Curtis | Fjord

The reason we set it up… Well, I would love to say we had this fantastic and clear vision that it was going to be service design and that was the future, but if I am being honest, that would be just bullshit. In many ways, it was more foolish than that. We were just driven by a belief, and that was that the Internet and digital was not over and it was going to become the most dominant business driver of the next few decades. We were absolutely certain of that.

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Natalie Maher | Good

I think we have a language issue within our industry where actually we are all talking about the same thing but we call it different things. Some people call it planning, strategy, others design, and that inconsistency is fracturing our impact. In my opinion, the only reason we have introduced the term design thinking was to try and educate people outside of design that it isn’t just images on a piece of paper. For designers it is common knowledge that you don’t get those images without doing the thinking that’s behind it. It became a necessary addition to the lexicon which I think has now ended up confusing everything more than actually creating clarity

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