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List of Questions


Here you can find the list of questions I used to conduct the interviews, although in some cases I did not ask all of them, nor have I always asked them in order. I also prepared some following up questions, which were not always needed either.

1. Can you describe, in a simple phrase, your role at work? A little bit like you’d explain it to a young child or an elderly aunt.

2. How would you describe your organisation’s culture? (its strategy, the values, purpose, employee engagement and relationships, business goals)

2.1 - If you were to undertake a change in culture, where would you start within (inside) your organisation?

2.2 - What are the key employee motivator’s in your organisation?

3. Do you think there’s a duality between what the board wants as the culture of their company (what is advertised) and what is really in place (hierarchy gaps, sector segregation)?

4. Which are, in your opinion, the three aspects an organisation should prioritise to achieve a competitive advantage?

4.1 - Do you think these are the factors that would help it sustain their values and live up to them?

5. Do you think the world is in need of new approaches to problem solving to address the twenty first century (wicked) problems? If so, which types of approaches would these be?

6. What does design mean to you? 

7. Have you heard the term design thinking? What does it mean to you?

8. For you, how does design connect with business?

8.1 - What role do you think design can have in helping organisations dealing with change / adapting to change?

8.2 - How about the link between the purpose of an organisation and its people, do you think design has a role to play there?

8.3 - Do you believe in a common language between design and other fields out of the creative picture?

8.4 - In your opinion, did the 2008 crisis have in the design industry? (offer/demand)

9. What is the thing you think will change the world?

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